Duration, Fees and Invoicing

Discretionary pensioner and domestic worker rates can be arranged on half hour consultations. Hour consultation rates are non-negotiable as they are already heavily reduced.

Invoices are printed at the time of each consultation. Cash, onsite EFT, and SnapScan accepted. Offsite EFT payments no longer accepted under any circumstances. Please come prepared to pay for your treatment at the time of consultation.

Most South African medical aids cover Chiropractic care. Bridget's rates are within the rates suggested by the BHF. Once fees are settled the onus is on the client to submit invoices to their medical aid for reimbursement.

Cancellations Policy

Bridget does not have a cancellation policy. She knows that when you book an appointment with her you are choosing to commit to your health and that you respect her work and her time. Please be sure to mark the date and time of your next appointment in your diary and ensure that it does not clash any other commitments you may have. The online booking facility will generate an email confirmation and SMS reminder. Should you need to reschedule your appointment please do so at least 12 hours before your scheduled appointment.

What to do when you get here

Please buzz the intercom and we will open the gate as soon as possible. Come on in and relax in our waiting area. Bridget endeavours to run on time, but should she be delayed there are plenty of current magazines to browse through.

New patients should arrive five (5) minutes early to fill in the required paperwork.

There is a trampoline and jungle gym on the property which your children are welcome to use as long as they are adequately supervised. There is a pool on the property. It is covered with a pool net and, for safety reasons, may not be used. Children remain the sole responsibility of their parents whilst on the property. Bridget and her agents cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained whilst using the above mentioned play equipment.

Please ensure that your children do not wander through the main house.

Book your Appointment here

You can easily book online by first clicking the 'Book Online Now' button below. Then, select the appropriate booking type from our online appointment menu. This is the easiest and fastest way to book your appointment with Bridget. If you prefer to book the old fashioned way, please use any of the contact numbers provided and Bridget will get back to you as soon as she is able to.

Families: when several family members are coming for treatment at the same time please book a separate appointment for each person who is having a treatment. This may be a slight inconvenience to you but it helps Bridget tremendously to know who she will be treating and it streamlines the administrative process.

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