Are you a boiled frog?

Are you a boiled frog?

Good stress or bad stress. It affects us all. A little stress is great as it can help us get out of dangerous situations or meet deadlines. But too much stress or little bits of stress continuously is bad for us. Sometimes, like the proverbial frog in boiling water, we don't know just how bad our stress is until our bodies just can't take it anymore. We look and feel older, have more aches and pains and suddenly find life overwhelming.

Stress affects us all differently. Sometimes when I ask my clients about their stress levels and they tell me they are not stressed, but their bodies are screaming a different story. So how do you know if you are stressed? You may be stressed if you have several or all of the following symptoms:

Emotional Cognitive Physical Behavioural
Feeling overwhelmed Loss of ability to think clearly and perform complex tasks Nervousness, shaking, tinnitus, cold extremities Avoidance of responsibilities
Easily moody / angry Constant worrying Gastrointestinal issues Procrastination
Feelings of worthlessness Forgetfulness and disorganisation Aches, pains, muscular tension Over eating or Anorexia
Needing to withdraw from life and others Inability to see the good in life Dry mouth, jaw clenching, grinding Nervous tics – pacing, jostling, nail biting
Inability to relax Loss of concentration Insomnia and fatigue Substance Abuse
Outbursts of rage — especially on the road Poor judgement Chest pain and arrhythmias Urge to strike out physically
Frequent need to cry Racing thoughts Frequent infection Loss of libido

You can beat chronic stress before you become a thoroughly cooked frog. How?

  • Get adjusted regularly — chiropractic is clinically proven to reduce pain, increase immune function and reduce stress by acting on stress centers in the brain and by releasing tension on the sympathetic nerves housed along the spine.
  • Take a Daily Anti Stress formulation — Prime 1 by Prime Quest is available at the practice.
  • Supplement B vitamins frequently and even more in times of high stress.
  • MOVE! Find an activity you enjoy and do it.
  • Eat as clean as possible.
  • Practice Smart Hydration — frequent sipping of 30mls per kg of body weight every 24 hours. Occasionally add some salt to your water (about half a teaspoon in 1l) to help your body use the water you are giving it.

Scope of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a health care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of such disorders on the nervous system and general health. (CASA Website)

This means that anyone will benefit from Chiropractic treatment regardless of their existing state of health. Treatment can be tailored to suit everyone from the newest baby to the oldest grandparent. Whilst physical pain in its various forms is the most frequent presenting complaint of most clients seeking chiropractic care in South Africa you do not have to be in pain to see a Chiropractor.

Treatment with Bridget includes a combination of chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue techniques such as ischaemic compression, dry needling, fascial release and massage techniques. Treatments are client-centered, client-directed (many clients do not like some aspects of the soft tissue techniques and are free to communicate their preferences to Bridget) focus on the whole client rather than just the physical body.

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